Print Director

Manage printer and phone usage with Print Director Manager.

Print Director is the most established South African developed print management software. We offer value through a multitude of product features, in four simple offerings:

Print Director PBX:
  • Tracking and reporting on your telephone costs, you can combine these with your Print Director Manager or Pro for a holistic view of your office expenses, all in a single application.
  • The PBX Pro version adds additional functionality that allows you to recover telephone costs from external clients.
Print Director Manager:
  • Increased security, as users have to enter PIN code or present an access card at the device to release the document.
  • Follow-Me printing, allowing users to collect documents at any convenient device.
  • Internal and inter-department cost allocation done with comprehensive reporting by User/Department/Device.
  • Set rules to manage colour printing on certain documents or enforce double-side printing to reduce print costs.
  • Synchronise with Active Directory or LDAP.
Print Director Pro:
  • Cost recovery on prints, copies, faxes and scans, which is ideal for lawyers, attorneys and professionals that can pass these costs onto their clients.
  • Integrate Print Director Pro with your legal billing software, simplifying your billing and improving disbursement collections.
  • When making copies, enter the document name at the MFP to ensure that when customers want to know what copies were made, you have a description. 
  • Ideal for student environments, where you can charge for printing.
  • Students can self-register and create an account through a web interface.
  • Print Director supports the Mopri Student Lifestyle application, which allows students to load credits and manage their accounts through a web portal. 

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