SafeCom Secure Print Management Software

Print Management that is modular, secure and simplified. Safecom will help you reduce print related costs, with secure print and efficient rules based printing.


  • Scalability and High Availability. Each component can connect to multiple Safecom servers deployed throughout an organization. This type of architecture gives Safecom the ability to scale to an organizations size as it grows
  • Added Security. Secure Pull Print reduces waste and increases security, ensuring that users pick up documents they send to the printer, only when they are at the printer. The documents are stored in an encrypted format while they waiting to be released
  • Cost Savings. Safecom can reduce print-related costs by up to 40% by using Secure Print and efficient print rules. Servers can be removed through client-based printing, which reduces print infrastructure costs
  • High Flexibility. Safecom is a multi-vendor solution and supports most Multi Function Printer (MFP) Safecom also offers an embedded solution for both MFP devices and Single Function Printers (SFP).
  • Mobile Print Capabilities. The solution is simple to set up and configure and allows users five different methods of submitting jobs through the mobile solution, including mobile app, email submission and web submission.

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