Printsol Fleet Manager

Printsol Fleet Manager is a true “Cloud” internet of things product.

Printsol Fleet Manager is a true cloud-based Internet of Things product. The focus of this solution is to use device data effectively to predict future probabilities, as opposed to simply using the data after an event has occurred. Our predictive analytics addresses issues pro-actively.  

Predictive Maintenance:

Determining the condition of a device and predicting when maintenance should be performed greatly helps to prevent downtime from happening. Knowing when and which devices will have issues, a service provider can schedule maintenance knowing that downtime will be reduced.

Just-in-Time Supplies:

There are many reasons why a consumable will show a level such as 5% at certain times, for example. The toner may stay at this level, however, if it is the end of the financial year, the 5% is used up much faster. Using predictive analytics, actual dates can be assessed when a toner should be supplied, saving the provider having to supply emergency toners or acting in crisis mode.

With integration into ERP and quoting systems, the supplier can auto-generate a quote for their customers, when supplies are due for replacing, which ensures that any procurement process has time to proceed with orders, before the supplies are completely empty, causing disruptions in business.  


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