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Launching in 2003, Printsol provided print management software to companies looking to manage and reduce print costs. At the time, our solutions were the exception rather than the norm. Gradually, the value of integrating software as a critical part to any print solution grew in popularity, becoming what is today known as Managed Print Service (MPS).

Printsol has always been dedicated to finding software solutions to help our customers grow their MPS offerings. In 2009, we invested in our own Print Fleet Server, which later became known as Printsol Fleet Manager. This software solution allows our customers to manage fleets of printers and MFPs in the field. This Internet of Things (IoT) solution is continually evolving, with our addition of Business Intelligence (BI) to ensure that our customers can replace consumables in a predictive manner, and right-size output fleets to ensure lowest Total Cost of Ownership, with the least amount of effort. We recently partnered with Print Releaf, as a part of our dedication to reforesting the planet, ensuring a greener planet for future generations.

While we offer and distribute various products in the document capture and management space [Products], customer service is at the heart of everything we do. We are relentless in delivering customer satisfaction in all areas, from installations all the way to after-sales support. This lead to us investing in a state of the art Service Centre application in 2017 that allowed customers to log and track calls via our web portal. Our Service Centre agents are also always on standby to assist customers. [Log a Call]

In 2019, Printsol expanded into the European market, through shareholding in a newly formed entity based in Dublin, Ireland. Our partners have an extensive network of office automation dealers as well as an IT company. Their focus on customer service will ensure that our core values will be promoted in our European expansion.

2019 has also seen Printsol focusing on software development and customisation, with a team of in-house developers. We believe the future lies in the ability to develop Business Intelligence (BI) tools, campus lifestyle solutions and cloud solutions for document and print management, and we want to be actively involved in the development of solutions that deliver customer satisfaction.        

We have partnered with some amazing value-added resellers in South Africa and Africa. Printsol values the support we have received from our partners. We will continue to grow our business, by assisting our partners in growing their business, and we look forward to many more years of mutually beneficial relationships.

Our Team

For me, Printsol is a flexible, innovative and forward-thinking solutions company.

A good day would be providing a solution that adds value to our customers that will enable them to function better. Forming relationships that allow open communication for future ideas and creating long-lasting relationships is essential.

I enjoy outdoor activities such as fly-fishing, and I am a passionate mountain biker.

Brett Austin

General Manager

I love the team spirit at Printsol and celebrating each other’s successes. At Printsol, no one is just a number. Everyone pulls together and everyone is appreciated.

A good day at Printsol is when we complete calls and installations and especially when we receive compliments from our customers. It reminds me why we are in this business – to deliver great service and leave our customers feeling happy.

I love using technology to simplify life in the most cost-effective way. I have personally gone off DSTV and now run a full internet TV and next I am looking at automating lighting by using WiFi.

Thabo Maubane

Senior Solutions Technical

Being a part of Printsol is amazing. Nothing is impossible, innovation is what we breathe, we are very vibrant and effective. Printsol is warm and fuzzy – now that’s a great feeling.

A good day for me is when we receive feedback from customers saying that they are fully satisfied with the service they have received, as I know this gives us a good reliable reputation to move us forward.

I play soccer, read and play FIFA when I’m off-duty.

Karabo Moroka

Service Centre Controller

My passion and purpose have been to help people and I started my businesses with this in mind. I enjoy seeing the success that Printsol can add to our customers when we help them solve a problem they may have. I have also made customer satisfaction the core of everything we do.

Creating a happy environment for my team, encouraging people to look at doing things differently, continually learning and helping each individual pursue their dreams is what I strive for daily.

I have often lived my life on the edge, taking some risks, which has enabled me to meet interesting people and get involved in some interesting business opportunities. The most recent has been partnering in a business in Ireland and getting involved in a software development company. Getting involved in new ventures excites me and keeps me driven.

When I’m not working, I really enjoy gym. My other interests are fly-fishing, reading up on new technologies and biographies, spending time with friends and family, and travelling. I am also a closet and aspiring chef in my spare time.            

Craig Austin


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