As we get closer to revealing the Print Director Hybrid Hosted Solutions – our brand new hosted printing services solution – it is worth taking a closer look at the many benefits offered by a hosted solution. From reduced printing costs to greater flexibility and even increased productivity. A hosted printing solution allows you to cut down on software installation time, as well as unnecessary “On-Premise” server costs. Print software such as the Print Director solution offers a comprehensive solution that allows you to optimise printer access, track printer and phone usage across your organisation. Keep reading to find out why hosted printing services are a good choice for companies of all sizes.

Why Consider Hosted Printing Services?

Some of the biggest reasons to consider hosted printing services include the following:

1. Reduced printing costs.

One of the top benefits is the ability to reduce your printing costs significantly. A solution that supports a full range of print environments, such as Centralised or Direct-to-IP printing and Google Cloud printing will give you everything you need to manage your print needs. You will be able to easily recover costs and conduct internal billing, while saving on paper output on printers, photocopiers and multi-function devices as well as waste that often occurs in offices.

2. Greater flexibility and scalability.

Another major benefit is the flexibility that a hosted solution provides, along with the ability to scale according to your business growth. Much like cloud-based solutions, hosted printing is able to adapt to your needs, remaining flexible at all times. Office equipment can be deployed efficiently, printing infrastructure can be managed centrally, and access to office equipment can also be controlled in the most effective way. This helps to increase transparency and plan in a way that enables scalable growth.

3. Increased productivity.

Print software solutions also have the ability to increase productivity in many ways, through features such as “Follow-You” printing. Printing issues can cost a great deal – not only in money but also in lost work time. When outdated printers break down without notice, it can bring things to a standstill all too quickly. Having the ability to release your documents, on any device in your organisation, improves users experience, and improves overall productivity. Features such as Active Directory and Azure Active Directory synchronisation makes IT functions simple and seamless, further enhancing productivity.

Print Director is proud to be launching Hybrid Hosted Solutions in the near future, providing even more value to your printing needs. Contact our team today to learn more about our current hosted print services.

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